Kuidas välismaal elamisest maksimumi võtta?

Plaanide tegemine on meil igal juhul käpas. Vaikselt ja varsti on käpas ka leppimine tõsiasjaga, et kõik plaanid muutuvad. Ega see inimloomusele lihtne pole, kui kõik teed on valla ja päriselt peabki kogu aeg otsuseid langetama. Rahalised vahendid on piiratud, aeg lendab linnutiivul ja selline tunne on, et tahaks teha kõike (ja kohe!). Miks see aga nii lihtne pole, kui esmapilgul tundub ja kuidas me sellega siiani toime oleme tulnud?  Read more

There is no need to travel to the other side of the world to be happy

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Mornings are my favourite. The rising sun makes my room shine and every day feels like I am starting with a clean slate. Sitting on the terrace and drinking coffee, I can see the world’s most beautiful camel-coloured mountains, which are completely and incomparably unique every time, and their reflection on the lake is even more magical. In order to see such beauty, I packed my backpack more than six months ago and moved to the other side of the world – New Zealand, which is the furthest point to which I could come to from my homeland of Estonia.

But beautiful nature is not the actual reason I am here. I have everything I need in Estonia. A great job, wonderful friends, a plan to start with my postgraduate studies, to buy an apartment with my life partner and to make it my ideal dream home by designing it. I have never seen myself living abroad and at first I was really afraid to speak English. Being here, there was no choice but to deal with it. What is this power that makes you leave everything safe and step into the unknown?


Thus, something was not exactly how it was supposed to be. It is always easier to believe that a major life change will help to fix or get other things in your life in order. That goals like regular exercise and healthy eating can be more easily accomplished in another environment. That then there will be time to read all the books, which have been waiting for their turn for a long time or to continue with an old and forgotten hobby.

It is always easier to believe that a major life change will help to fix or get other things in your life in order.

For some time it might work. A new start makes you look at life from a new point-of- view, but when you let things go, the routine will come back one day, which is the reason you ran away to the other side of the world. Something is always missing. The initial excitement will disappear. Just as a hippie from a local music store said “How long will you look at the same mountains?”

Soon I started to realize the obvious. These same mountains and their reflection in the lake is something one can get sick of within a week. At the same time, it could still leave you speechless after twenty years. It all depends on me. I felt that I needed to work on myself a lot more.


I added 20 minutes of yoga to my every day routine from December to January – patience and being in the moment. In addition to the physical, my purpose was to also train thought patterns and learn “the art of being in the moment”. Just as it takes time to see the physical form and resistance, it also takes time to train the spirit.

I have learned a great deal more about myself during the past six months than I had in my whole life previously. Self-confidence, success and happiness – these are all already inside me right now. I just tend to forget it often. The expression “I do not have time!” has a completely new meaning for me here. If I catch myself saying that in my head, the next moment I will realize that it is complete nonsense. It is up to me whether I find the time or whether I put something aside intentionally to wait for its time. Because you cannot have everything at once.

Self-confidence, success and happiness – these are all already inside me right now.

Even so, I still know that one of my current priorities is to develop my physical and mental side. Yoga camp in New Zealand, in the midst of beautiful nature, seems more than appropriate for this. This is also the reason why I want to spend 8 days in Whangarei’s yoga retreat and focus on self-development without distracting factors. But the most important thing is to remind myself that I can start all of this again now, in this moment, immediately.

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